Safety First: Features to Look for When Selecting Aged Care Chairs

When it comes to selecting aged care chairs, safety is of utmost importance. The right chair can provide comfort and support and promote overall well-being for individuals in aged care settings. This blog post explores the essential features to consider when choosing aged care chairs to ensure the safety of your loved ones.

1. Sturdy Construction

Aged care chairs should be sturdy enough to withstand daily use and provide stability. Look for chairs made from durable materials such as high-quality timber or metal frames that can support different body weights and movements.

2. Slip-Resistant Design

To prevent slips and falls, opt for aged care chairs with slip-resistant features. This can include non-slip footpads or grip-enhancing materials on the chair's base. The slip-resistant design provides stability when individuals sit down or get up from the chair.

3. Proper Seat Height

Consider the chair's seat height to ensure it promotes safe and easy transfers for individuals with mobility challenges. The chair's height should allow users to comfortably place their feet on the floor, preventing strain or instability when sitting or standing.

4. Supportive Armrests

Look for aged care chairs with supportive armrests that assist individuals when getting in and out of the chair. The armrests should be at a suitable height, allowing for easy gripping and providing stability for users during transitions.

5. Cushioned Seat and Backrest

Ensure the aged care chair has a cushioned seat and backrest to provide comfort and reduce the risk of pressure sores or discomfort from prolonged sitting. The cushioning should be firm enough to offer support yet soft enough for comfort.

6. Secure Seat Belts

For individuals who require additional support, consider aged care chairs with secure seat belts or harnesses. These safety features help prevent accidental slips or falls from the chair, providing added peace of mind for caregivers and loved ones.

7. Easy-to-Use Controls

If the aged care chair includes reclining or adjustable features, ensure the controls are user-friendly. The buttons or levers should be easy to operate, allowing individuals to adjust the chair's position without difficulty.


Choosing aged care chairs with safety features is crucial to promote the well-being and comfort of individuals in aged care settings. Sturdy construction, slip-resistant design, proper seat height, supportive armrests, cushioned seat and backrests, secure seat belts, and easy-to-use controls are all critical factors to consider. By selecting chairs with these features, you can provide a safe seating option for your loved ones. 

For more info about aged care chairs, contact a local company.