Two Reasons to Opt For Wicker Furniture for Your Patio

If you're not sure what type of furniture to get for your patio, here are some reasons you should consider opting for wicker furniture.

Small flaws won't be noticeable on wicker patio furniture  

One reason to consider getting wicker furniture for your patio is that as the furniture pieces develop small imperfections, such as scratches, these won't be as visible as they would be on other types of patio furniture. The reason for this is that this type of furniture is made of woven pieces of synthetic or natural materials. Because this creates a very textured surface with lots of shadowy areas, it is much harder to spot small amounts of damage than it would be, if the furniture consisted of large, smooth and light-reflecting pieces of, for example, wood or metal.

This is important to note, as it's almost impossible to prevent patio furniture from being damaged. Even if you are careful when using it, it will still probably develop quite a few scratches and get worn quite quickly simply because it will be left outdoors most of the time, where airborne dirt, twigs and leaves will get flung at it on windy days. Additionally, because grime builds up on outdoor furniture faster than it does on indoor furniture, it will also need to be cleaned very frequently; this, too, is likely to result in friction-related damage. However, if the furniture is made of wicker, you won't need to worry that these issues will result in it looking prematurely worn out and unsightly.

Wicker furniture is easy to repaint  

Another reason to consider getting wicker furniture is that it's easy to repaint. If you buy wicker furniture for your patio and it eventually starts to show signs of ageing, or if you just get bored of its current colour and want to change it, you can give it a new lease of life in just a few hours with some spray paint. Spray paint will get into all of a wicker chair or table's nooks and crannies, without you having to painstakingly poke the bristles of a paintbrush in between each woven section to ensure it's all coated in paint.

Furthermore, the woven surface of this furniture will also mean that you won't need to do a perfect job of painting it to ensure it looks good, as any slight unevenness will be disguised by the furniture's textured surface. Conversely, when painting, for example, a smooth wooden outdoor chair, you would need to be extremely careful and paint it very uniformly, as even a few small extra drops of paint or patchiness would be very obvious on this type of surface.