Add-On Comfort Features to Look for in a Recliner Suite

The living room is perhaps the most important space in your house because it is where you receive guests and hang out the most with family members. Therefore, you should make the living room as comfortable as possible, which starts with your choice of sofas. If you cannot find high-quality couches from the numerous models available in the market, choose recliner suites. As their name suggests, recliner suites can recline to an almost 180-degree position, offering several comfort levels. However, you can further narrow your search by looking at the extra features a recliner suite has. This article highlights add-ons that are part of a high-quality recliner suite.  

Adjustable Headrest — Most of the recliner suites you will come across have a rigid or fixed headrest regardless of how far back the seat reclines. Although such models are still very comfortable, they restrict a user. For instance, a recliner suite that can attain zero gravity orientation is excellent for people with joint problems. However, it is virtually impossible to watch TV or read a book in the position because it would hurt the neck. It is why you need a recliner suite with an adjustable headrest so that you can still enjoy reading or watching your favourite show regardless of how far back you recline the chair.   

Glider Mechanism — Recliner suites work by moving parts along rails inside the furniture's frame. Notably, some of the frames are designed to fit large spaces, while others are excellent for small rooms. Recliner suites with a glider mechanism are the most popular because they save a lot of space in small living rooms. The reason is that the gliding mechanism that supports the reclining action allows the suite's backrest to glide away from the wall while delivering the desired comfort levels. With the glider mechanism, you do not have to worry about scraping paint off your small living room's wall. Most recliner suites with a glider mechanism also come with an adjustable headrest.  

Completely Padded Footrest — The leg rest on most quality recliner suites is divided into two parts; the calf section (padded in almost all recliner suite models) and the ankle section (usually implemented with minimal padding). Notably, there is no reason why you should not spend your money on a suite with a completely padded footrest. It is especially the case if the intended user suffers from leg problems, such as arthritis or fluid retention. Overall, a recliner suite with a completely padded footrest enhances comfort and promotes blood circulation.