Toddler Transition Beds: How To Pick The Ideal Bed For This Age Group

The first bed that a child ever sleeps in is a cot. Unfortunately, they don't remain small enough to remain in this bed type forever. Once they start climbing over the side rails to escape, it is time for your toddler to transition to their next bed. It is not uncommon for parents to feel overwhelmed with the different types of beds available to them. To help you choose the ideal bed for your toddler, keep these three points in mind.

Bed Size

A toddler bed is a perfect choice for a toddler because it is low to the ground like a standard bed but uses a cot mattress. The benefit of this bed is that you only need to purchase the bed frame, as you can repurpose the existing mattress you own. If you choose instead to buy a single bed, this is also a good match for your toddler, but it needs a single-sized mattress which fits snugly within the frame. This means you must purchase both the frame and the mattress. It is not safe to use a cot mattress on a single frame because there are gaps where your child could get body parts trapped and injure themselves.

Bed Construction

Toddlers are well known for their enthusiastic energy, so whatever bed you buy for them, it needs to be of solid construction. A toddler is likely to jump on, jump off and play happily on this bed so it must be able to withstand your child's vibrancy. Therefore, look for beds which have a solid base, such as those which have drawers located beneath them. Less robust is the bed design with two stand-alone ends and a mattress holder extended between them. The more solid the base, the longer the bed will be able to stand up to the punishment of a child's energy levels.

Side Rails

When a toddler first transitions from their cot to a big-kid bed, there is still concern they could roll out of their bed overnight. When looking at toddler beds, either choose one which has a side rail already attached to it or choose a design where you can attach a side rail to it. You can purchase side rails at any department store which sells accessories for use with growing children. These rails tie onto the base or frame of the bed.

Now that you know what to look for in a toddler transition bed, you can more comfortably head out shopping to complete this exciting furniture purchase. Contact a local store that sells bedroom furniture to learn more.