Trendy Furniture Pieces to Jazz up Your Living Room

Furnishing your living room should not just be about buying a couple of chairs and a sofa to make sure you have enough seating. Instead, it is critical to select pieces that will not only make the space comfortable to be in but that will also add a touch of your personality to your interior décor. When it comes to furniture design, you will find there are many statement pieces that you could choose to achieve this goal. And while it may seem daunting to decide on how to revamp your space, you should keep in mind that you do not have to change out everything. A simple approach would be to choose items that have character and that will add functionality to the room. Here are just a few of the trendy furniture pieces you could invest in to jazz up your living room.

Printed armchairs

Admittedly, selecting the right colour scheme for your furniture is vital to making sure that the pieces blend in with your décor. Thus, most people will gravitate toward a monochromatic colour scheme for their sofas so that they do not make the room appear too busy. Nonetheless, it is still good to add a pop of colour to add a subtle accent to the living space. Armchairs with printed upholstery are a great way of doing this without going overboard. Since you probably will only have one or two armchairs in your living room, you can be guaranteed that the pieces will make a statement without overshadowing your current décor theme.

A decorative screen

Considering that open floor plans have become commonplace in Australian houses, you may have never thought of getting a partition for your living room. However, these screens can be quite useful, especially if you work at home or need some privacy from time to time. A decorative screen will provide you with an easy way to create a separate space right in your living room without having to shrink the area with the permanence of a wall.

A mirrored armoire

Although armoires are typically associated with the bedroom, they have steadily become a stylish addition to living spaces too! A uniquely designed armoire can function as an accent piece in your living room while still providing you with functional storage space for belongings such as board games, TV blankets and more. It is also essential to ensure that it is mirrored because this will add an illusion of additional space in your living room, which makes it a practical choice for homeowners that find their living room small.