How to Choose the Right Flooring Material for Your Home

The material and style of your home's flooring is very important, as you want something durable but comfortable, with a look you love and which coordinates with your home's overall style. Since it can be difficult to consider all these demands when choosing a flooring system, note a few tips to keep in mind when shopping.


If you have heavy wooden furniture, you might avoid timber floors, as this can be too much of the same material in one space. Note, too, that any grain, pattern or knots that are visible in timber flooring may clash with heavily patterned furniture and drapery. If you do want timber floors in rooms with furniture that has lots of patterned fabric, choose a timber that has a solid colour, or be prepared to paint over any texture or wood grain that is visible. Also, if you have a home office, remember that a solid flooring surface such as timber, tile or stone makes it easier to roll that office chair around!

Style of home

If you have a modern home with lots of metal and glass, you can opt for timber flooring, but choose something upscale and dark, such as mahogany. Light oak flooring may seem too rustic for a modern home, but can work for a ranch-style farm home.

If you have a craftsman style home with thick wood trim, avoid timber floors so you don't have too much wood in the space, and also avoid stone, which might seem too upscale for such a traditional style. Choose a neutral colour of carpeting to better coordinate those materials.


Carpet fibres hold dust, dirt and allergens, no matter how often you vacuum them. If you're especially sensitive to these irritants, opt for timber flooring, stone or tile. Note, however, that deep pits and grooves in some tiles can also hold dirt, dust, food debris and other such materials. These can easily get ground in over time, so that only a deep steam or other professional cleaning removes them completely. If you do choose tiles, choose those with a solid surface without those pits and grooves.

Use of room

An upscale material like stone or high-end timber can look better in a formal sitting room or formal dining room than everyday carpeting. Durable, dense timber can be good for a child's playroom or family room, where children may run toys over the floor and otherwise damage carpeting. Consider how the flooring will look and feel, based on the use of the room, when making your choice.