When You Might Want to Consider Having Custom Cabinets Made for Your Home

Custom cabinets are not just for the very wealthy as a cabinetmaker can usually design and install cabinets in any room of your home for about the same cost as generic cabinets from a home goods supply store. Note when you might want to consider having custom cabinets made for your home and why they can be such a good choice.

Kids and pets

Kids and pets can be very rough on cabinets; both can slam doors and drawers shut, causing damage to the hinges and runners as well as to the wood of the cabinets themselves. A pet who claws at the cabinets can scratch their surfaces, and you may notice dirty fingerprints from the kids that you can never seem to get clean! Custom cabinetmakers can suggest the most durable and scratch-resistant materials that won't show those fingerprints and can also install drawer and door stops so nothing can be slammed shut.

Home office

In a home office, you may find it difficult to organise your paperwork and keep your other items from getting in the way of your work. A custom cabinetmaker can design drawers with spaces for folders, hanging binders and the like as well as overhead cabinets that hide all your computer equipment while still keeping those things close at hand. A cabinetmaker can also add space for you to display trophies, certificates, business licenses and items that you want to keep out but don't want to hang on the wall or put on your desk. This can keep the office functional as well as attractive and organised.

Added sleeping and storage

If you need added sleeping space but don't have an extra bedroom or spare room, a custom cabinetmaker can create a Murphy bed for your home. This type of piece can work well in any space of the home to provide an extra bed when needed, but it then folds up out of the way when not in use. The cabinetmaker can also create cabinets and cupboards around the bed area for even more storage, which might be appreciated by your guests; they can then store clothes and other such items when staying overnight without needing a dresser. A Murphy bed is also a good choice for your children when their bedroom is small and their bed often gets in the way or you want to fold up the bed and create more space for playtime in their room.