Factors to consider before buying a brand new mattress

Getting enough sleep is important for everyone as it helps the body to rest so that it can function properly. You should note that approximately 8 hours of sleep each day should be enough for an adult. However, you should ensure you get quality sleep as opposed to quantity sleep. One way to guarantee quality sleep is by having the right mattress. The right mattress will significantly improve the quality of your sleep, which will make you healthier, happier and have a more productive day at work. There are important factors you should consider before buying a new mattress for your bed. The following are factors you should have in mind when you go out to buy a new mattress.


Sleeping on a comfortable mattress will surely guarantee you quality sleep. Selecting a comfortable mattress will have a significant effect on the sleep you will have and affect your day ahead. You should ensure that you choose the most comfortable mattress according to your body and not what the sales person will tell you.


Just like other house furniture, it is imperative to consider the price of a new mattress. Mattresses come in different types and sizes, which directly affect their prices. It is advisable to know beforehand the price of your preferred mattress, and then you can budget and save for it. This will allow you to buy the mattress you desire and need to get quality sleep at the end of the day.


Mattresses come in various sizes such as twin, king, queen, full size and twin extra long sizes. These sizes are designed to suit particular people and specific purposes. Your height plays an important part in determining the size of mattress you need. The size of your bed also determines the size of the mattress you will buy, as you need to buy a mattress that will perfectly fit your bed.


There are different types of mattresses, which depend on the taste and requirements of each and every person. Innerspring mattresses are commonly used by many people because of their comfort and durability, which is attributed to the springs within the mattress. The foam mattress is another modern mattress and is available in different densities. The different densities respond to an individual's weight, body temperature and body shape, which makes it all the more comfortable.


Many mattresses are sold without any warranty. You should consider the availability of warranty if you are buying specific types of mattresses such as the topper or the memory foam mattress. This ensures that your mattress will be replaced if it falls out.

Your sleeping position

Your sleeping position will also determine the mattress you need. A mattress should support your body when you sleep and ensure you sleep comfortably. Therefore, if you prefer sleeping on your stomach, a firm mattress would be the best choice. If you fancy sleeping on your back, the medium mattress type will be perfect for you because it will comfortably support your back and spine. If you prefer sleeping on your side, a soft mattress type will guarantee you quality sleep as it gently embraces your body while keeping your back and spine aligned.